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Blogger collaboration


individual communication , not to be extended to other subjects

We propose to associate the products of your company to our web magazine, dedicated to fashion, beauty, new trends and lifestyle.

The photos will be associated with one or more articles on products and shared on social official channels, in which there will be pictures of your products and references to your company.

The collaborative mode “Blogger collaboration” has total duration 30 days and has very affordabile costs.

The editors of promise to make:

1) Communication over the web with the SMM Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+);
2) Realization of images and texts;
It is committed to implement connection:
3) The description of the activity and adhering products of the company.
It undertakes to highlight:
4) The added value emerging from under point 3) access before.
It undertakes to share the contents to:
5) Thousands of users every day.

Editorial choices, casting, locations, styling, texts, will be totally and exclusively managed by the editors of The manipulation of photographic images produced by, is not allowed. You can’t use the images without the official logo It’s possible to buy pictures in high resolution and the license of use them without logo, with very affordable costs.

If you are interested in this kind of collaboration, we invite you to drop us an e-mail to ragazzeita@gmail, with the object “Blogger collaboration”. We will reply explaining you the working arrangements and the related costs.

Thanks for the attention! Team